"Sustainable Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy"

Benefits from Integrating Lean and Six Sigma 

When applied properly in a structured manner the integration of Lean and Six Sigma creates a win-win situation for any size of company, for any industry sector. There is no reason why benefits in terms of QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) should not be realised, the key to success is how it is implemented within your organisation.  

The fundamental principles of Lean provides the necessary improvement strategy and it will create the right environment for improving flow and eliminating waste. Lean provides employees with empowerment and they are encouraged to continuously improve to create value adding opportunities that otherwise would not be identified.

Six Sigma on the other hand helps you to identify and quantify problems. It makes evidence based data driven decisions (this prevents wasting time on "gut feel" or anecdotal evidence), and it helps to you to understand and reduce product, service or process variation and identifies root causes of variation to find long term sustainable solutions. Six Sigma will allow you to quantify the actual financial benefits and savings. This helps to focus efforts in the specific areas of your company that offer the most potential for improvement.

The combination of Lean and Six Sigma will provide the philosophy and the effective tools to solve problems and create rapid business transformational improvement at a radically reduced cost. This should in return provide benefits in terms of less defects or rework, a safer environment for employees and customers, greater utlization/productivity and improved customer satisfaction.