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Update - Inventory Management Masterclass Kuala Lumpur, Mayalsia, March 5th-6th 2012

Due to the unfortunate recent flooding in Bangkok the Inventory Management Masterclass has now been relocated to Kuala Lumpur. The event will be held at the JW Marriot Hotel in KL, more details are available on the link below.


Why You Should Attend
Many companies consider Inventory Management to be one of the costliest headaches they incur!
• Constantly Rising Inventory
• Ever-Increasing Unit Prices
• Unidentified Obsolete Parts/ Stock
• Lack of Standardization
• Unrecognized Critical Spares/ Resources
• Inconsistent Physical Inventory Reconciliations
• Improper Min/Max Assessments
• Increasing Time and Cost of Acquisition
• Inefficient or Under Utilized Tracking and Reporting Mechanism

Clearly, Inventory Management has taken on a new importance at the highest levels
Most companies, who optimize Inventory Management, achieve COST REDUCTION of almost 20%-35%.

Key benefits for attending this event:
• Understand the need for Inventory management within their business and the wider supply chain
• Comprehend from “real industry case studies” the benefits that can be achieved
• Learn how to apply Economic Order Quantity to minimize overall cost
• Discover how incorporating various effective inventory management methodologies can lead to significant cost cutting benefits to your organization
• Experience numerous “hands on” interactive practical tools and techniques
• Learn how to master K Curve Methodology and ultimately gain benefits in terms of reduced costs, lower customer lead times and less defects
• Gain the ability to develop and plan their own strategy to help them manage inventory and formulate a supply chain model that works towards goals in a sustainable manner within their organization
• Debate, discuss, and learn from others within the workshop class

Who Should Attend
Directors, GMs, VPs, Senior Managers, Managers and Executives of:
• Maintenance
• Stockroom Administration
• Inventory Management
• Stock Management
• Production Planning
• Materials Planning
• Store Management
• Distribution
• Purchasing
• Procurement
• Warehouse Management
• Logistics Planning
• Forecasting
• Facility Management
• Spare Parts Management
• Inventory Accounting
• Operations
• Supply Chain
• Demand Planning

From cross industries especially:
* Oil & Gas * Food & Beverages
* Consumer Products * Power & Utilities
* Logistics * Manufacturing
* Mining * Construction
* Airlines * Pharmaceutical
* Automotive *Manufacturing

Green Belt Training Programme Netherlands January - February 2012

Thoughout January to February Green Lean Solutions will be providing a Six Sigma Green Belt certified training programme to Zest Group in the Netherlands. If you are interested in our Six Sigma or Lean programmse please follow the contact page.

Inventory Management Masterclass Bangkok, Thailand, November 28th-29th 2011 - Now moved, see above

Following the success of the Inventory Masterclass Event in Kuala Lumpur in January 2011 we are pleased to announce another opportunity to attend the event this time in Singapore

For more details please follow the link below: -


European Conference of Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma - Glasgow March 28th 2011

See Green Lean Solutions present a research paper developed with the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka on the "Effect of Lean Wastes in relation to Environmental Green Wastes in Garment Manufacturing"

Software Update

From February 2011 we will now using the latest Minitab Version 16 for all of our Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma training courses and will provide free 30 day introductory licenses to all attendees. Minitab is the leading provider of software for statistics education and Lean, Six Sigma, and quality improvement projects.

For more information on Minitab products please click on the icon below: -

Masterclass Event

Green Lean Solutions will be providing a Masterclass in Achieving Rapid Inventory Management 24th-25th January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.