"Sustainable Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy"
Welcome to Green Lean Solutions based in Nottingham

Green Lean Solutions is a leading UK developer, supplier and authority of Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy with the aim to provide organisations with long term sustainable operational excellence and business process improvement. We are focused in providing world class support and guidance to Manufacturing and Service sectors from Aerospace through to Governmental and Transactional organisations.

Research has shown that around 75% of Lean and/or Six Sigma projects fail to achieve their original targets. We can ensure your project does not join them! We have over 17 years experience in Business Process Improvement, developing training and consultancy methods, which has resulted in many millions of pounds of savings for customers as well as many research papers and presentations at some of the leading Operational Excellence journals and conferences.

The implementation of Lean Six Sigma is well known for its benefits in terms of reduced cost, better quality and improved customer lead times but what is less well known is that when implemented correctly you can also achieve significant environmental benefits.

Our aim is to provide that missing piece of the jigsaw to maximise the all round benefits that business improvement method can offer.

With companies facing increasing environmental legislation such as the Climate Change Bill (CBB) in the UK and other new laws globally, it is our intent through our training and consultancy to help companies deploy Lean Six Sigma to gain both performance and environmental benefits.

Achieve a unique win-win situation for your Business!